TimeIPS supports a wide variety of clocking methods to suit your business needs. TimeIPS ASP service supports telephone clocking that allows employees to clock in/out, change jobs and check status from almost anywhere. Ideal for businesses with employees at remote locations or customer sites. Advanced callerID based filtering and tracking provide excellent control and accountability for remote workers.

Telephone Clocking

  • Allows employees to clock in, clock out, change jobs and check their status on TimeIPS with a standard or mobile telephone
  • Customizable greetings and per-employee messages
  • Managers can check clock and hours-worked status on their employees in real-time
  • Managers can leave messages for their employees
  • Employees can leave voice job/clock notes with each clock event
  • Option for voice-print requirement with each clock event
  • Prompts available in English. With TimeIPS 2.0 and later, Spanish is also available.
  • Connects to a large multi-line phone bank to handle many employees with minimal chance for busy signal
  • Control system access and clocking ability by blacklisting and/or whitelisting CallerIDs.

Calling and Number options include:
  • TimeIPS Local Number:
    • TimeIPS will provide an area code 316 telephone number for employees to call
    • Long distance fees may apply to calls, so this works the best when employees have phone plans that include long distance
  • Custom Local Numbers:
    • TimeIPS will provide a telephone number in your area code so employees can call without long-distance charges
  • Toll Free Number:
    • A toll-free number will be provided by TimeIPS for your employees to call
    • Toll-free calls are rounded to the nearest full minute.

NOTE: Regardless of the calling option selected, employees can always call any of the other numbers. Toll-free billing will apply to toll-free calls. Only one monthly base fee will be required, even if employees call other numbers.


IMPORTANT: This service is designed for use with TimeIPS ASP hosted accounts. To discuss options for a stand-alone TimeIPS system or VM, contact our sales department.