Our Story

In 2003, we needed a way to automate the time, attendance and job costing needs of our growing manufacturing and distribution business. We went in search of a real-time, automated time & attendance solution with the following, seemingly simple list:

  • Network based clocks and administration
  • Support for 3 locations and a few hundred employees
  • Job tracking and cost analysis
  • Reasonably priced upgrades and support
  • Payroll integration with QuickBooks
  • Easy to install and use

Our extensive search yielded many different options, most of which very expensive and none fit our needs exactly.

So, for an effective solution, we looked to our own experience of over 20 years of developing and manufacturing computer and business technology products. We knew how to make technology easy-to-use and affordable, and we knew we could create a solution that fit our criteria - even if it would take time and effort. And that's just what we did!

Initially, TimeIPS was a product that we only used for ourselves. But, everyone who saw it running in our business was impressed. Our suppliers, our clients, our bankers, our accountants, our shippers, everyone, it seemed, wanted to know if they could buy a TimeIPS system. Eventually we created a complete product suitable for installation and use by anyone, and the TimeIPS product line was launched.

Today, TimeIPS is used by thousands of businesses and organizations all across North America and around the world. Our customers tell us that they save tens of thousands of dollars each year and that TimeIPS first paid for itself and then added to their bottom line. How? Through substantial savings in better personnel management, cost tracking, simplified payroll processing, overtime reduction, proper benefits use and schedule enforcement.

Our rapidly growing list of customers include education and government institutions, small, medium and even Fortune 500 businesses of many different types - Retail, Automotive, Construction, Call Centers, Health Care, Manufacturing, Assembly & Production, Warehousing & Logistics, Food Service, Daycare, Restaurants, Game & Entertainment, Non-Profit Organizations....and more. TimeIPS also offers the functionality and special educational and government pricing that's made it the choice for schools and government organizations across America for employee and student attendance management.

Call us today and find out how TimeIPS can work for you, too!