TimeIPS supports a wide variety of clocking methods to suit your business needs. PC/Web Clocking allows employees to clock in/out, change jobs and check status from a PC using a web browser. Generally used for employees with desk jobs, but can also be used with a spare PC to create a kiosk-style walk-up clock station. Ideal for employees at remote locations/home offices or when extensive notes need to be entered with each clock event.

Web/PC Clocking

  • Allows employees to clock in, clock out, change jobs and check their status on TimeIPS
  • Accessable from a desktop PC or any network connected device with a web browser, including a laptop, netbook, web-enabled cell phone, PDA or kiosk.
  • Control which employees are allowed to remote clock.
  • Access can be allowed/restricted based on IP address.
  • Username and Password can be required, or a Badge Number can be requested instead.
  • Employees can leave job/clock notes with each clock event.
  • Prompts for Work Order and Work Order Completion can be enabled.
  • Custom Fields can be created to gather additional information when employees clock.
  • Encrypted clocking with SSL encryption is available.


Please contact our sales department for assistance in choosing the right clocking method for your needs.