TimeIPS Relay Controls provide a way to control external devices at scheduled times and/or trigger when employees clock in/out or change jobs. Ideal for signaling shift changes or allowing access at specific times that must be synchronized with a TimeIPS system.

Relay Control

    TimeIPS relay control image
  • Provides control over electronic devices including bells, lights, buzzers, door locks, etc., at clock event or specific time when programmed.
  • Timers/Schedules are ideal for sounding bells to signal shift changes or breaks.
  • Triggers are ideal for unlocking doors, chiming or activating a camera/monitor system when employees clock in/out.
  • Relay triggers can be configured for all employees, for individual employees, or payroll types.
  • Each relay control has three channels, each of which can connect to an electronic device.
  • One relay control can be connected to each TimeIPS Clock.

Includes: NOTE: Bells, lights, buzzers, electronic door locks, etc., are not included.


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