Network Time Clocks

    network clock diagram
    • High Quality Sound

      Allows the clock to talk to employees, confirming clock actions and providing alerts.
    • Large Display

      Easy to read, back-lit LCD shows time, clock options, status and configuration settings.
    • Validation

      (Optional) Allows the clock to validate employee identity to prevent buddy punching.
    • Compact Size

      Convenient, compact unit (approx 7"x8"x1.5") fits almost anywhere.
    • network clock diagram
    • Easy Connections

      Just plug in the network and power. Hidden cables route straight back or in any direction.
    • Identification Choices

      Standard USB connectors support keypads, barcode, proximity, relays and more. Easy to install, replace or upgrade.


    TimeIPS timeclocks support a wide variety of clocking methods to suit your business needs, including: Numeric Keypads, Proximity Badges, Magnetic Swipe Badges, and Barcode Badges.